Private Lending - As Residual As It Gets!

Private lending is the most passive investment we offer and it's similar to owning an annuity or receiving a regular dividend from a stock.

A private lender is simply a person who acts as our bank when we purchase an investment property. Rather than deal with endless banking paperwork, tons of contingencies, multiple departments and a long tedious application process, we prefer to borrow from private lenders who have investment funds ready to be put to work. The private lender closes on the property quickly in exchange for an attractive and consistent rate of return throughout the life of the loan.

BENEFITS - Private Lending
1. Leverage your funds & receive an attractive monthly income deposited directly into your bank account.
2. There is NO work on your part.
3. You never deal with tenants, trash and toilets!
4. And YES! You could be in the Caribbean while your income is deposited into your bank account.

To Protect Your Investment:

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