Join other qualified investors who wish to diversify their portfolio by adding real estate to their investments and earn consistent and solid returns.

Leverage our knowledge and join our FREE 1-hour Educational Seminar which explores real estate opportunities in northeast Ohio.

For over 12 years, we've built relationships in our local market to benefit from the following situations:

1. We specialize in buying distressed single and multi family properties from banks & motivated sellers at significant discounts. Our Real Estate expertise provides solutions to motivated home owners who MUST sell fast.

2. By operating in the same market, we regularly receive referrals from sellers who we've help sell their property in the past.

3. Once we acquire the asset, we force appreciation by renovating the property, selling or leasing it to a credit worthy resident.

4. A renovated property in a nice neighborhood will command higher income and attract good quality residents to the area.

Warren Buffet - On Investing in Single Family Houses

Why Real Estate?

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1. Real Estate is a tangible asset.

2. A large portion of all millionaires, do so by investing in Real Estate.

3. Like a bank, your funds are secured by a recorded mortgage and a signed promissory note.

4. Our investments improve local properties and communities.

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5. We enjoy residual income with consistent rates of return from day one.

6. Our investment is based on housing needs. Unlike stocks, housing is not affected by foreign markets, wars, political climate, bad policy decisions by CEOs, or stock manipulations by hedge funds or analysts.

7. Real Estate has tax advantages that stocks do not.

8. Property ownership is an asset against which we can borrow funds.

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From the Brilliant Minds of Prominent Americans

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Want to Learn More?

Fields Collins Properties, through its inDeed Investments, offers two types of investments:
Private Lending and Turn Key Rentals.
Both are residual programs which allow you to leverage your funds and generate cash flow from the local real estate market.

Be sure to read the Types of Investments section for further information.

Please note that an investment in Fields Collins Properties is offered only to accredited investors through a written Investment Agreement or Private Placement Memorandum if one is required.